Halotestin Profile


Without question, it is one of the most potently, powerful anabolic androgenic steroids on earth, and while it’s also one of the fastest acting it is not a steroid you will find in too many performance enhancing circles. In the United States, there are more than six-million adults supplementing with anabolic steroids for the sole purpose of performance enhancement, and of these six-million nearly 90% are gym rats. These are not competitive bodybuilders or performance athletes; they don’t compete in anything; they’re simply looking for a better body. While this is the largest group of those who supplement, it is also the group that will see Halotestin as a rarity; in-fact, it is the remaining 10%+ that will actually have a legitimate use for this insanely powerful anabolic hormonal compound.

Regardless of who uses it, there are very few anabolic steroids as powerful as Halotestin; carrying a tremendous anabolic and androgenic rating far beyond most any steroid, it is pure anabolic in action and tremendously so. As is the case, when it comes to raw strength and power, this is the steroid that is synonymous with those traits. While a tremendous strength increasing steroid, it can also provide strong conditioning traits if you are lean enough; we’re talking contest bodybuilding lean. In both cases, strength and extreme conditioning, Halo as it’s commonly known can be very useful; however, this is also one of the harshest anabolic steroids of all carrying a hepatotoxic nature beyond any other. This harsh nature is the reason many gym rats won’t use it, and even without such a nature, as we’ll see there’s really no reason for them to. With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at Halotestin, and then you can decide if supplementation is right for you.

Halotestin 101:


Fluoxymesterone is a testosterone derived anabolic steroid known best by its popular trade name Halotestin. While testosterone derived, Halotestin will act more like a Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) steroid, and this will even carry over into its possible side-effects. Generally thought of as a performance enhancing steroid only, Halo does have a few medical treatment purposes; they’re somewhat rare as compared to other steroids, but they do occur. This is a steroid that can be used to treat specific severe androgen deficiencies, and is sometimes use to treat delayed puberty; it can even be used to treat very specific forms of breast cancer. Even so, there are numerous other anabolic steroids that are used in a therapeutic capacity far more often, especially in the United States, but it can serve a therapeutic purpose.

In any case, the nature of Halotestin is quite simple; a steroid that does not aromatize it all, Halotestin carries a massive anabolic and androgenic rating – anabolic rating 1,900 – androgenic rating 850. In-order to provide you a little understanding, all anabolic androgenic steroids carry such ratings, and they are all measured against testosterone; testosterone carries a rating of 100 in both categories. From the ratings alone, you can already see how powerful this steroid truly is; however, its translating power will be 100% anabolic. Despite a massive androgenic rating due to its structural nature, Halo will not display any androgenic traits; this should tell you it is useless when it comes to mass promotion.

As for its direct mode of action, Halotestin largely functions with an ability to enhance the structure and mass of red blood cells and total hemoglobin levels while sharing a unique corresponding relationship with erythropoietin. Further, Halo has been shown to have a positive impact on the oxidation of fatty acids directly through its direct metabolic enhancing abilities; there are other steroids that do this at a higher level, but there is no steroid that shows the other traits formerly mentioned at such a high rate of power. In any case, it is these few traits that make Halotestin such a prime strength increaser, endurance promoter and even give it a unique contest preparation quality for bodybuilding competition.

Beyond these traits, Halotestin is an oral steroid carrying an active half-life of approximately 9.5 hours, making daily and in some cases, twice daily administration necessary. Of course, like most oral steroids, Halo is a C17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa) anabolic steroid; the C17-aa nature refers to the hormone being structurally altered at the 17th carbon position in-order for it to survive the first pass through the liver. Without such a structural change, the majority of the Fluoxymesterone hormone would be destroyed by the liver before it could be utilized by the body; unfortunately, it also makes it toxic to the liver. While all C17-aa anabolic steroids carry a hepatotoxic nature, in the case of Halotestin we have one of the most liver toxic anabolic steroids on the market, and this makes supplementation necessarily short lived; we’ll go over this more in the side-effects section.

The Benefits of Halotestin:

The benefits of Halotestin are rather straightforward, and there really aren’t too many. In some ways, the benefits of Halo can be compared to Stanozolol (Winstrol) in-regards to strength and hardening of a physique; however, in this case, Halo will simply be far more powerful on a strength basis. This makes this the perfect steroid for strength athletes; power lifter, competitive weight lifters, fighters and any other athlete where enhanced strength is a benefit. For this purpose, it won’t take much; normally a 20mg to 40mg dosing per day for two to four weeks leading up to the competition is all you’ll need; further, these doses and duration of use should not be surpassed due to the strong hepatotoxic nature. Further, by its nature Halo will increase aggression levels, and it can do so extensively; this can be very useful for the athlete as an increased level of aggression will mean more power.

Then we have the competitive bodybuilder, and it is here where we can see this steroid once again used right before a competition. In this case, an increase in strength is not what we’re looking for; at this stage in a contest diet the individual is going to be fairly weak, but through the aggression increasing nature of this steroid it will help him push through the final dieting stages. Many are aware that bodybuilding contest prep is perhaps one of the most brutal endeavors on earth, and when it comes to those final weeks this brutality can be enhanced tenfold. Further, through such use, the individual will benefit from the hardening effects of this steroid, and as it can help burn body-fat it can be useful for helping to remove those areas that are barely hanging on for dear life. At any rate, for this purpose of use, most bodybuilders can hold to the same two to four week time frame mentioned above, but two weeks is normally all that is needed at a 20mg per day dosing; 40mg per day can be used, but it should not be surpassed, and in many cases, such a dosing is unnecessary.

The Side-Effects of Halotestin:

There are a few side-effects of Halotestin use that are of a worthy note; the primary will revolve around the liver and is largely the one that is of the greatest concern. We’ll go over the liver aspect shortly, but first let’s cover the basic possible side-effects of Halotestin and see what we can find. As a testosterone derived anabolic steroid, the side-effects that would seem the most prominent would be those of an estrogenic nature; however, this is a steroid that does not aromatize at all due to an 11-beta group being attached, making gynecomastia and excess water retention impossible. As mentioned, despite its testosterone nature, Halo shares a stronger relationship with many DHT based steroids, and as is the case, the possible side-effects will share such a nature; the possible side-effects of Halotestin include:

• Acne: in most cases, this will only be a problem for those who are extremely sensitive to acne to begin with, and in some cases, if such sensitivity exist you may not be able to use this steroid without extreme breakouts; especially on the back and shoulders. For this reason, it is imperative you give extra effort to keeping your skin clean and dry at all times; if this means an extra shower or two then so be it. Further, if you can’t shower until you get home, say right after training always change into a dry, clean shirt; in-fact, regardless of the activity you should always change into a dry clean shirt anytime you become sweaty, and shower as soon as possible.

• Hair-Loss: if you are predisposed to male-pattern baldness, Halotestin may cause you to lose some of your hair; you were already going to lose it, but this steroid may speed it up. For those that are not predisposed to male-pattern baldness, this is not an effect you’ll need to concern yourself with; in-fact, it’s one that would be impossible. In any case, if you are predisposed and concerned with hanging onto every last strand of hair for as long as you can, this is probably not the best steroid for you.

Beyond the above two effects, while Halo is suppressive to your HPTA as are most anabolic androgenic steroids, in this case it appears to be fairly mild. Many studies have shown 10mg per day for short periods of time to not affect LH or FSH in a significant way, but it’s still there, and will most certainly be there at doses that reach 20mg. Of course, as you won’t be using Halo for long periods of time, this could make it one of the few steroids that could be used without exogenous testosterone supplementation, but normally at least a little exogenous testosterone will be best. If not, a free testosterone increasing agent like Mesterolone (Proviron) should be considered.

Then we have the big one, and it is the very reason Halotestin cannot be recommended to most performance enhancing athletes; we’re speaking of course of liver toxicity. With the use of Halotestin, your liver enzyme values are going to increase, and they’re going to increase significantly. There’s really no way around this, it’s going to happen, and if you exceed the doses and duration of use mentioned above you are going to severely damage your liver. If you can hold to such guidelines, and there’s absolutely no reason you can’t, there are some precautions you need to take, and they are imperative. First and foremost, it is normally said that excess alcohol consumption should be avoided with C17-aa steroid use; it’s often said alcohol should simply be avoided due to its anti-performance nature, but in the case of Halotestin, on the simple basis of safety all alcohol consumption should be avoided. Alcohol does present significant stress to the liver, and if you’re supplementing with Halo you already have enough stress and must not present anymore. The same can be said of over the counter (OTC) medication use; many OTC medications carry a hepatotoxic nature, many that are equal to other anabolic steroids and in some cases, some will carry an even stronger hepatotoxic nature. For this reason, OTC medication must be avoided during Halotestin supplementation unless they are truly and we do mean truly needed and absolutely necessary. If you can do all of these things, you should be able to protect your liver from any damage, but it is something you will need to keep a close eye on.

Beyond these effects, there is one more worthy note of discussion, and it revolves around aggression. It is often said one of the side-effects of Halotestin supplementation is roid rage; this is not only a myth but a direct impossibility. You better believe it, Halo can increase aggression levels, but it cannot alter your personality. There is no anabolic steroid on earth that can alter your personality or cause you to act or react in a way you wouldn’t without supplementation. Halo, like all anabolic steroids cannot take away your free will; it cannot mutate your brain or take away your sense of right and wrong. Granted, if you’re already an angry and violent individual, what many would call a jackass you’re still going to be a jackass, but in this case, you’ll be a more aggressive jackass. Conversely, if you’re a decent human being, you’ll still be the same decent human being; aggression levels will be increased, but you’ll be able to use this aggression to your advantage; you know, in places like the gym. It’s always important to remember, aggression itself is not a bad thing, what we do with aggression is what gives it a positive or negative meaning, and that’s simply the truth.