Side Effects of Halotestin

Halotestin is an anabolic steroid which is taken orally. It is great for building hard muscle as it increases muscle density. However it does not promote muscle mass and those looking for muscle gains will be disappointed with its performance.

Halotestin does not cause an increase in weight and that’s why boxers, weight lifters and wrestlers use it in the final preparatory stages of a competition to get hard well defined muscles without gaining additional weight. Halotestin also causes an increase in the aggression levels which is extremely desirable when training as extensive training may deplete your stamina. Like other steroids, Halotestin does not exhibit Gynocomastia and water retention the two most pronounced side effects of steroids. Halotestin increases the number of red blood cells in the body which is necessary not only for enhanced stamina and improved performance but it also gives the body the ability to recover from the tiring and strenuous exercises. Halotestin is an effective fat loss agent and that is why it does not cause an increase in weight of the user and boxers, body builders and wrestlers take Halotestin to increase stamina and hard muscle while staying in a specific weight category.

Virilization – Side Effect of Halotestin faced by Women

Halotestin produces some serious side effects some of which may be irreversible in women they occur in the form of Virilization; the development of male traits in women. In Virilization the voice deepens and women get hair all over their body especially on the face. Menstrual cycle either ceases altogether or becomes quite infrequent. Other possible effects of Virilization are shrinking of breasts and an enlarged clitoris. Some of the effects of Virilization cannot be reversed even when you stop taking Halotestin. Patchy alopecia has also been reported in women.


Side Effects caused by Prolonged Halotestin Use

Due to prolong use of Halotestin, men often experience long and painful penile erections. It can also cause infertility as the sperm count decreases drastically.

Other side effects of Halotestin are acne, male pattern baldness and severe dandruff.   Acne occurs because Halotestin increases the activity of sebaceous glands which produce wide spread acne on face, neck, shoulders and back. The acne is much larger and more widespread and painful than the usual acne. It also makes the skin more sensitive and generally leaves scars on the affected areas.

The use of Halotestin also makes you depressed or can cause irritability and anxiety. An increase in the aggression level can also make the user violent. The user also suffers from decreased or at times increased libido.

Halotestin can be quite damaging to the liver, it destroys the liver cells and can cause jaundice. White bowel movement and dark yellow urine are some symptoms of liver trouble as our yellowing of skin and the eyes. Liver cancer and liver tumors can occur with long term use. Gastrointestinal pain and nausea are some other complaints reported from frequent use of Halotestin.

This steroid also disturbs the electrolyte balance in the body and may cause renal (kidney) problems. If used properly, Halotestin produces excellent results and keeps the side effects under control.